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Born: Bogotá, Colombia (10 May 1991)
Current Residence: Seattle, WA

My actions attempt to further understanding of queerness, gender, and sexuality through the personal made visual. Thus, my practice liberates the body into a new realm of existence. Art becomes a shamanistic practice that offers the community a method to reclaim our humanity.

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June 26th
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2:27 pm


The relevant intersection of the removal of DOMA and the removal of the Voter’s Right Act in close time proximity: The state is using the illusion of progress in one sector to cover up human rights violations in other sectors. The state is claiming that we live in post-racial and post-racist world, yet I look around me and racism exists, white supremacy exists, color-blindness, ignorance, the Equality movement have developed to make people believe that we are all “equals,” when in reality we live in a cage that prioritizes and systematically kills those who fail to fit the status quo. This is why collectivism and intersectionality in social justice is crucial. It’s about fighting the hegemony of the government and larger systems of power and not about individual rights (e.g. gay marriage) that perpetuate the systems that it tries to combat. We live in a cage, making the cage bigger or better does not cover up the fact that we are still in a cage.

"Homonationalism is the process where some queers (mostly upper-middle-class and rich gay men and women) gain acceptance and status in Canadian (or American) society through consumerism, economic mobility, and the securing of individual rights, such as gay marriage…these institutions can use the newly admitted ‘good queers’ as evidence that symmetry has been achieved, effectively dismissing larger concerns over the rights of those who remain marginalized and subjugated." 
(Natalie Kouri-Towe, Trending Homonationalism)

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