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Born: Bogotá, Colombia (10 May 1991)
Current Residence: Seattle, WA

My actions attempt to further understanding of queerness, gender, and sexuality through the personal made visual. Thus, my practice liberates the body into a new realm of existence. Art becomes a shamanistic practice that offers the community a method to reclaim our humanity.

Copyright © 2013 Juan Franco. All rights reserved.

April 18th
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6:39 pm

Pre-Mowave Performance Selfie #josh #juan #artists #seattle #velocity

Pre-Mowave Performance Selfie #josh #juan #artists #seattle #velocity

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April 18th
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1:08 pm

Document of Experience, 2014
Video, TRT: 2 minutes and 2 seconds

Video by and in collaboration with Cameron Fletcher.

April 18th
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11:51 am

Snapchat (Sky), 2014

Snapchat (Sky), 2014

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April 16th
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Video Stills from Document of Experience, 2014

A short video document made by Cameron Fletcher about my practice during this last semester leading towards my BFA Exhibition on May 9th. 

April 15th
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8:01 pm
Anonymous: i noticed you have been using the tag "boi," it shouldn't be used to describe a cis man. it originated in the queer woman community to describe gender identities within the butch-femme spectrum and it's not cool of you to appropriate it.

Thank you for offering a historical context for the usage of the word and calling me out on its inappropriate usage. Upon receiving the message, I did further research to educate myself on its usage. Since then, I have removed the tag from my posts.

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April 14th
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9:46 pm

Light Study, 2014Digital Photograph


Light Study, 2014
Digital Photograph


April 13th
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10:40 am

@redfred36 in the morning light #light #morning

@redfred36 in the morning light #light #morning

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April 9th
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Obsidian Studies on the Body, 2014
Digital GIF Files

In collaboration with joshtaylorartist

April 8th
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10:21 am

Line Body, 2014Digital Photography

Line Body, 2014
Digital Photography

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April 2nd
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3:10 pm

Printing @redfred36 #art #photography 

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